National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering

National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering

Baseline Study: Final report

Commissioned report – November 2019

The Federal Government’s National Consumer Protection Framework for online wagering consists of 10 consumer protection measures that provide tools for consumers and requirements for online wagering providers licensed in Australia to help mitigate harm from online wagering.

The effectiveness of the National Framework is to be evaluated in four phases over five years. AIFS’ Australian Gambling Research Centre was commissioned by the Department of Social Services to develop and conduct the baseline study for the evaluation, prior to the Framework’s roll-out and implementation.

The baseline study involved a desktop review, interviews with gambling regulators and wagering service providers, and an online survey of over 5,000 people who wager online.

The baseline study report includes recommendations for government on the implementation of the National Framework, and for future phases of the evaluation.

The report is published on the Department of Social Services website.

Publication details

Commissioned report
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, November 2019
Suggested citation:

Jenkinson, R., Khokhar, T., Tajin, R., Jatkar, U., & Deblaquiere, J. (2019). National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering: Baseline study final reportCanberra: Department of Social Services.