Communities for Children requirements

This information is for organisations running programs funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) under the Communities for Children Facilitating Partners sub-activity of the Families and Children Activity.

If your organisation is not funded under Communities for Children, this section isn’t for you. For general information about delivery quality programs for families and children, see the Program Planning and Evaluation Guide.

Collecting data for an evaluation 

The coronavirus pandemic might affect the reliability of your evaluation findings, so please contact the Expert Panel Project team at AIFS if you are currently planning to collect evaluation data, or if you are a Communities for Children Facilitating Partner planning to submit a program assessment.  Evaluations that use data collected during the coronavirus pandemic may not reflect your service's usual practice and might affect results. They might also not meet the requirements for promising or guidebook status.  

We know that many services are rapidly adapting services in response to the coronavirus. Programs might be paused, cancelled, delivered remotely or with a different structure. 

If you have made changes to a program or service this is likely to impact the outcomes that can be achieved. Data collected now might not be able to be compared with data collected earlier in the year. 

What you need to do:

  • If you are currently conducting evaluations please contact the Expert Panel team directly so we can discuss the impact on your program assessment and how best to meet the requirements under the current circumstances. 
  • If you have data that has previously been collected for a program, this can still be used for an application for promising or guidebook programs. 
  • If you are concerned about timelines please contact your FAM so we can work through your circumstances. 

We know that services are putting in considerable time and effort to meet the needs of clients at this challenging time. We are here to support you with program assessments or other evaluation-related inquires. Please let us know what we can do to help.

If you have adapted service delivery because of coronavirus and would like to explore and measure the effectiveness of changes you have made we are also very happy to help you with this.

You can reach the Expert Panel Project team via email: and we can answer your inquiry or arrange a time to discuss via phone or video. 

50% evidence-based program requirement

Under the Communities for Children Facilitating Partners sub-activity, Facilitating partners work with Community partners to deliver programs and services.

In 2017, DSS introduced a requirement that Facilitating Partners allocate at least 50% of their funding to high-quality evidence-based programs.

There are two ways Facilitating Partners can meet this requirement: