Ten to Men: the Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health

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Ten to Men is a national study of the health and lifestyles of Australian men at different stages of life.


Australian males have poorer health than Australian females. They have shorter life expectancies than females and are more likely to experience health problems such as lung cancer, skin cancer, heart diseases, liver diseases, respiratory diseases and stroke. Males also have higher rates of alcohol use and smoking, which increase their risk for health problems, and they are less likely than females to visit health professionals. An even greater health gap exists for males in rural and remote communities, as well as for males in indigenous communities. 

In 2010, the Australian Government released the National Male Health Policy to address the special health needs of Australian males. As part of that policy, Ten to Men was commissioned. 


About the study

Ten to Men is a national research initiative aimed at filling the gaps in knowledge about why males on average have poorer health outcomes than females, and why certain groups of males have poorer health than males in general. The knowledge gained in the study will be used to improve programs and policies for male health in Australia.  

In 2013/14 Ten to Men, in Wave 1 of the study, collected health and lifestyle information from nearly 16,000 men and boys across the country via surveys and interviews. The study is longitudinal – meaning that we will return to participants every few years for an update so that we can understand how changing life stages and circumstances might affect health and wellbeing over time. 


Study objectives

The objectives of Ten to Men are to: 

  • examine male health and its key determinants including social, economic, environmental and behavioural factors that affect the length and quality of life of Australian males
  • address key research gaps about the health of Australian males such as men’s health and risk behaviour in life, while accounting for social, economic and environmental changes
  • identify policy opportunities for improving the health and wellbeing of males and providing support for males at key life stages, particularly those at risk of poor health.

The study is being conducted by researchers at the Australian Institute of Family Studies and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

The first of its kind in Australia, the study will follow participants over time and provide an important resource for improving the health of Australian men and boys. 

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For more information about the study, see the Ten to Men website


Dr Galina Daraganova
Study Director, Executive Manager
Dr Galina Daraganova




Dr Karena Jessup
Study Survey Methodologist, Senior Manager
Dr Karena Jessup




Dinusha Bandara
Manager, Data Management & Analytics
Dinusha Bandara




Tenniel Guiver
Manager, Data Linkage and Integrating Authority
Tenniel Guiver




Jessie Dunstan
Senior Research Officer
Jessie Dunstan



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