Mulu Woldegiorgis

Senior Research Officer

Building a New Life in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Humanitarian Migrants

Dr Mulu Woldegiorgis is a Senior Research Officer in the Building a New Life in Australia (BNLA) team, currently assessing the progress of settlement outcomes of humanitarian migrants over time. Mulu is an epidemiologist with over 15 years of experience in research and public health practice, including designing and conducting epidemiological studies, analysing longitudinal datasets, and translating research into action for effective practice.

She recently completed a two-year Master of Applied Epidemiology (MAE) program at ANU, during which she was placed at the Western Australia Department of Health. As part of her MAE program, she made significant contributions to research, including designing and conducting a Long COVID follow-up study, investigating the incidence of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccines by tracking nearly two million individuals over time. She completed her PhD at Swinburne University of Technology in 2018; her PhD research focused on measurements of reproductive health indicators and disparities in access to maternal health services.

Prior to commencing her MAE, Mulu worked at the Victorian Department of Health in various roles, most recently as an epidemiologist in the COVID-19 response. She also worked in research and academia, having held various positions at the Burnet Institute, Monash University, and Swinburne University of Technology. 


BSc, Public Health (Dilla University), MPH (Jimma University), MPhil in Applied Epidemiology (ANU), PhD, Public Health (Swinburne University of Technology)