Effects of wagering marketing on vulnerable adults

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

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Commissioned report

August 2018

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Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

This study examined the impact of approaches to wagering marketing, including inducements, on vulnerable adults.

Vulnerable adults were defined as those in low-risk, moderate-risk and problem gambling categories on the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI).

The study was guided by three research questions:

  1. What is the impact of wagering marketing on vulnerable adults?
  2. Are particular marketing approaches associated with increases in potentially harmful gambling behaviours?
  3. Do gambling inducements change gambler behaviour and attitudes?

Findings from the study show that wagering advertisements and inducements increase betting expenditure.

Advertisements and inducements with most influence were direct messages from wagering operators; ads on betting websites and apps; betting brands promoted during live and televised race/sports events; commentary promoting betting or betting odds during events; stake-back offers; multi-bet offers; and inducements for rewards program points.