Summarising the evidence: exploring what we know about drivers of violence against women, family violence and other forms of gendered violence

Content type
Commissioned report

December 2023


Liz Wall, Daryl Higgins, Antonia Quadara, Emily Stevens, Rae Kaspiew, Rachel Carson

Commissioning Body

Respect Victoria

Respect Victoria commissioned us to review evidence that helps understand what we know – and don’t know – about the prevalence, nature, drivers, and risk factors of different forms of violence against women, family and gendered violence. 

This helps examine:

  • how addressing the gendered drivers of violence against women may help prevent other forms of family and gendered violence
  • where further work is needed to identify additional drivers and reinforcing factors for these other forms of violence
  • opportunities to strengthen prevention evidence, policy and practice.

There are 8 research summaries. Each focuses on a particular form of violence against women or family violence:

  1. adolescent violence in the home
  2. child maltreatment
  3. elder abuse
  4. men’s intimate partner violence against women
  5. non-partner sexual assault against women
  6. online violence and harassment perpetrated against women
  7. sexual harassment in the workplace
  8. women’s intimate partner violence against men.