Sociodemographic trends 1901-2001


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September 2001

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The concern generated by family change sometimes causes great angst. But it can also be a sign of healthy vigilance about the direction society is heading - its ability to adapt and evolve. This article traces key transitions in family life since Federation, some of their causes, and how we might best understand their implications. The article focuses on changing patterns of common family transitions - young adults leaving home, forming partnerships, having children, divorcing, repartnering - transitions that have profound effects on each family member and on the structure of the family as a whole. Tables and graphs provide key comparative statistics over time, for example: young men and women living with their parents; percentage of men and women aged 45-49 years who have ever married; age specific first marriage rates; fertility rates; divorce rates; family types; labour force partipation of married women and women with dependent children.

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