Adult Gambling Problems and Histories of Mental Health and Substance Use: Findings from a Prospective Multi-Wave Australian Cohort Study

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Journal article

April 2021


Stephanie S. Merkouris, Christopher J. Greenwood, George J. Youssef, Primrose Letcher, Suzanne Vassallo, Nicki Dowling, Craig A. Olsson

This article explores the relationship between mental health and substance use problems in adolescence and young adulthood and the development of gambling problems later in adulthood. Using data from the Australian Temperament Project, it examines whether gambling problems at 31-32 years of age can be predicted by depression, anxiety, binge drinking, tobacco use or cannabis use at 13-28 years of age.

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Journal of Clinical Medicine
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Merkouris, S. S., Greenwood, C. J., Youssef, G. J., Letcher, P., Vassallo, S., Dowling, N. A., et al. (2021). Adult gambling problems and histories of mental health and substance use: findings from a prospective multi-wave Australian cohort study. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10(7), Article 1406.