Gambling-Related Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: A Grounded Theory Model of Individual and Relationship Determinants

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Journal article

October 2022


Nerilee Hing, Cathy O'Mullan, Elaine Nuske, Helen Breen

This article explores how problem gambling can exacerbate intimate partner violence, through its interaction with the gendered drivers of this violence. The article draws on interviews with 39 practitioners and 72 women who were victims of intimate partner violence - some linked to their male partner's gambling, some linked to their own gambling.

Journal name
Journal of Interpersonal Violence
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Hing, N., O'Mullan, C., Nuske, E., Breen, H., Mainey, L., Taylor, A., et al. (2022). Gambling-related intimate partner violence against women: a grounded theory model of individual and relationship determinants. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 37(19/20), NP18639-NP18665.