Aspects of family living standards: A study of families in two rural areas

The Australian Living Standards Study


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Research report

June 1995

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The rural areas covered in these reports to the Department of Human Services and Health cover Berri, Loxton and Renmark in the Riverland area of South Australia, and Roma / Bungil in South West Queensland. The reports present findings from the Australian Living Standards Study. In an introductory report, Christine Kilmartin provides a detailed description of the rural study areas. Report one by Helen Brownlee focuses on Parental employment in two rural localities; Report two by Christine Millward covers Rural child care and children's services; Report three is Access to basic medical care for families: a comparison of rural and urban study areas, by Ruth Weston; Report four by Andrew Burbidge and Ian Winter covers Housing and living standards; and Report five on Transport is by Gregg Snider.