Changing laws for changing families


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Research report

May 1982

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The paper describes changes which have occurred in families and family structures over the past 25 years and examines ways in which, over this period, the law has changed in response to the changing needs of families and family members. The author looks in particular at the areas of marriage and divorce, the family relationships, status and rights of children and parents where the parents are not married to each other, families based on adoption, stepfamilies, children in long-term foster families, and families with children conceived as a result of artificial insemination.

Paper prepared for the 3rd Australian Conference on Adoption, 'Changing Families', Adelaide, 14-19 May 1982


  1. Introduction
  2. Changing family pattern
  3. Legislative changes
  4. Conclusion

AIFS Discussion Paper No 9


Harper, P. (1982). Changing laws for changing families (Discussion Paper No. 9). Melbourne: Institute of Family Studies.