A discussion paper on child maintenance

Submission to the Maintenance Secretariat


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Research report

January 1987

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This paper presents the Australian Institute of Family Studies response to the government's discussion paper 'Child support: a discussion paper on child maintenance'. The authors begin by commenting on a number of issues-raised in the discussion paper including: the duality of parental financial and emotional contributions, tax deductibility, constitutional basis of the scheme, coverage of the scheme, private maintenance agreements, appeals and the age of dependents. This is followed by responses to topics raised in the discussion paper on which views are sought. The topics include: how second families should be dealt with in the formula, how to take account of joint custody and substantial access, treatment of the non-custodial parent's existing debts, how to treat the income of the custodial parent and whether there should be maximum and minimum payments. Following this is a separate paper entitled 'The impact of the formulae upon a sample of men and their families', by Ruth Weston and Peter McDonald. In the paper data from the Institute survey of the Economic Consequences of Marriage Breakdown were used to assess the impact of the alternative child formulae on divorced men and their families.