Forum - Children and families: Report of proceedings of a seminar held in May 1981


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Research report

March 1981

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The purpose of this Forum which was jointly sponsored by the Institute of Family Studies and the Victorian Child Development and Family Services Council was to enable the participants to discuss current and future research needs and to look at what was being done in the research area within the topic of the Forum - the relationships between the child and the family. The main aim was to identify what research was being done and to find out the gaps.

Papers include: an Introduction, by Arthur Garnder; Research on the Child's experience of family life, by Don Edgar; Children's rights in Victoria, by Terry Carney; Research and education in the Office of Child Care, by Marie Coleman; Resources and evaluation of services, by Anne Gorman; Children in ethnic families, by Alison Goding; Research into child maltreatment, by Helen Webberly; Children's conceptualisation of development, by Ronald Goldman and Juliette Goldman; and Families of the handicapped, by Evelyn Ogren.