Possible directions for an Australian family policy


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Research report

September 1980

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The crucial role of the family in society, especially in forming attitudes and laying the foundations for adult competence, is emphasised in this paper. It discusses the diversity of family types and the profound and complex changes that family units have undergone in recent decades. The paper argues that the present fragmentation of services, inconsistency in their interpretation and application (which often results in bureaucratic dehumanisation) should be replaced by a national family policy which recognises that 'families are different and families are unequal'.

Paper presented to the Conference of the Council of Social Welfare Ministers of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, held at Macquarie University, 8 - 12 May, 1980.


Edgar, D. (1980). Possible directions for an Australian family policy (Discussion Paper No. 1). Melbourne: Institute of Family Studies.