Provider perspectives on service provision: A study of service provision in nine urban areas

The Australian Living Standards Study


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Research report

June 1995

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This report to the Department of Human Services and Health provides the results of a Study of Service Providers which formed part of the Australian Living Standards Study. It is based on information provided by families living in the urban areas selected: five outer areas (Berwick and Werribee in Melbourne, Campbelltown and Penrith in Sydney, and Elizabeth / Munno Para in Adelaide), two middle areas (Box Hill in Melbourne and Ryde in Sydney), and two inner areas (Melbourne and South Sydney). The focus of the report is the locational differences which may exist in the provision of services. Services covered include children's services, communication services, community support services, education services, employment and training services, health services, housing services, leisure and recreation, safety and security services, transport providers, youth services and financial services. Appendices to the report outline the methodology of the survey, and present an extensive selection of the written responses of providers.