Report on stage one of the Early Childhood Contexts Study: Preliminary findings

The Australian Early Childhood study


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Research report

June 1992

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The Australian Early Childhood study is designed both to describe and to examine the relationship between a broad range of family factors, child characteristics, and different patterns of caring for children, including non-maternal care, in the years between birth and starting school and a range of child outcomes in the first year of school. This document reports on Stage One of the study in which information was collected on: the various forms of care used for the child in the years before starting school; mother's current work situation and average hours of paid work for each year since birth; average hours that the child was in the care of others for each year from birth; mother's use and satisfaction with child health services; an indication of the child's competence and basic social and economic information about the family. 

This study is conducted in conjunction with the Children's Service Office in South Australia, the Office of the Family in Western Australia and with assistance'from the Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health.