The rights of the child


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June 1982

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Briefly surveys the history of the rights of the child, showing that the condition of children today is, generally speaking, far better than it was in any earlier period we know of. Draws attention to certain rights of children, now generally recognised, the specific legislation or policy relative to each of those rights, and some specific recommendations which author believes can improve those rights and which society is ready to accept. Rights covered are: to education; to legal representation; to be considered; to personal safety; to be born without legal disability; to support, love and affection.

This paper was delivered by The Honorable Mr Justice Asche of the Family Court of Australia as the first Vernon Collins Memorial Lecture in Melbourne on 14 October 1981.

AIFS Discussion Paper No 5


Asche, A. (1982). The rights of the child. (Discussion Paper No. 5). Melbourne: Institute of Family Studies.



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