Sexual attitudes and behaviours: A review of the literature

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Research report

December 1989

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This review of the literature of sexual behaviour and attitudes provides information for designers of educational materials for the campaign to prevent the further spread of AIDS. It identifies the major changes in patterns of community behaviour, and the groups which are most at risk of HIV infection. It also highlights some of the complexities which confront policy makers and educators as they attempt to target the at-risk members of our society with behaviour changing programs. Sections cover: Patterns of sexual behaviour - from Kinsey to the 1970s; Patterns of sexual behaviour - Australian studies, 1980-88; Cohabitation; Heterosexual adolescents and the risk of HIV infection; Intravenous drug use - the AIDS epidemic and behavioural change; The arrival of AIDS and patterns of homosexual behaviour; Behavioural changes in the homosexual community in response to the threat of AIDS; Research methodologies; Summary. of sick children easier; and some comparisons with practices in other countries. A selection of case studies is included.

Australian Institute of Family Studies Bibliography Series