Valuing young lives

Evaluation of the National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy


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Research report

June 2000

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We cannot afford to be self absorbed. We cannot afford to pursue our work narrowly, unaligned or isolated from other disciplines and from citizens, too complacent or too busy to generate a poem, a vision, a multileveled and multidisciplinary strategy, for our complicated times. All our children need us to do this, and more. – Kenneth I. Maton, 1999.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies was commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care to evaluate the National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy, which ran from 1995 to 1999. The evaluation is published by the Institute in five separate reports - the main report and four supplementary technical reports.

Valuing Young Lives provides an overview of the Strategy, what it achieved and what was learned from the Strategy as a whole. The report includes administration, policy context, conceptual basis and a description of activities within each of the main approaches adopted by the Strategy. It presents the evaluation methodology and a summary of major achievements and good practice findings.

Supplementary Technical Reports
Four supplementary reports present detailed information about what was achieved and learned by projects within each of the particular approaches adopted by the Strategy.

  • Volume One - Building Capacity for Life Promotion
  • Volume Two - Primary Prevention and Early Intervention
  • Volume Three - Crisis Intervention and Primary Care
  • Volume Four - Treatment and Support



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