Work and the family


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Research report

July 1983

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The paper explores the question - what, in this world of change (and even chaos and conflict), is to be the relationship between work, family and leisure? It examines recent social changes and demographic and economic trends, types of work- family interaction, stressful elements in the family or work situation which impose strain on family life, and the ways in which such strain can be alleviated. The challenge of finding new patterns of inter- relationship between work, family and other interests is discussed.

Dr Rhona Rapoport and Dr Robert Rapoport were visiting Research Fellows at the Institute of Family Studies during February 1981. This paper is based on a public lecture given at the University of Melbourne, 2 March 1981.


Rapoport, R., & Rapoport, R.N. (1983). Work and the family (Discussion Paper No. 3). Melbourne: Institute of Family Studies.



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