Work and family functioning: An annotated bibliography selected from FAMILY database

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Research report

September 1987

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A listing of works published in Australia on issues about work obligations and family responsibilities. All items listed are included in FAMILY Database and so are accessible to researchers as part of the national index of family studies literature in Australia. Topic headings are: adolescents and attitudes to employment; the aged and employment; career development and effects on family life; disabled and employment; discrimination and employment; child care, work and the family; economics, family life and employment; family size and employment; health and safety at work; job satisfaction and work conditions; migrants and employment; one parent families and employment; rural families and employment; school to work transition; shift work, part time work and family functioning; social support and employment; stress at work and family life; suburban living and employment; technological change and employment; the value of work and attitudes to employment; working mothers and family functioning; young people: employment, unemployment and needs; women, employment issues and family life.