Young people living on the urban fringe: Preliminary report: The youth of Berwick

The Australian Living Standards Study


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Research report

February 1993

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This preliminary report examines the life circumstances of the young people of Berwick, the issues they face and the policy implications of the information gathered. It is intended to provide an example of the range of data available in the AIFS Australian Living Standards Study on issues relating to youth. Sections are: Life circumstances of the youth of Berwick by Peter McDonald and Simon Freidin; Health by Simon Freidin and Ruth Weston; Education by Ruth Weston and Christine Millward; Employment by Helen Brownlee; Economic circumstances by Helen Brownlee and Simon Freidin; Transport by Andrew Burbidge and George Gondor; Leisure and recreation by Violet Kolar; The local area, by Helen Brownlee; and, Personal life by Ruth Weston.