Strategic Directions in Child Protection

Informing Policy and Practice


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Content type
Policy and practice paper

December 2001


Adam Tomison, Janet Stanley

In order to inform South Australia's review of child protection services, the Clearinghouse undertook to produce a report that would provide an overview of current issues in child protection policy and practice.

This document presents the 12 commissioned reports on aspects of child protection service and policy. Each includes discussion of the issue, comments on current research, social welfare frameworks and alternative care, and a literature review. 

The reports are are available in HTML or can be downloaded by chapter in PDF.

  • Brief 1: Social welfare framework: Current trends in child protection
  • Brief 2: Social welfare framework: System design and service system requirements for a holistic child protection system
  • Brief 3: Social welfare framework: Models of collaborative service delivery in child protection
  • Briefs 4 & 12: Social welfare framework: Key directions in effective child protection practice in Aboriginal communities; and Alternative care: Models of service delivery for Aboriginal young people 
  • Brief 5: Alternative care: Comparative analysis of kin versus residential models
  • Brief 6: Alternative care: Shifting demands on voluntary foster care
  • Brief 7: Alternative care: Placement decision making
  • Briefs 8 & 9: Alternative care: Placement support models and tailoring support packages to meet needs 
  • Brief 10: Alternative care: Methods for monitoring health and well being
  • Brief 11: Alternative care: Models of support for younger children with challenging behaviours and/or in Juvenile Justice