Ear disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children


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Practice guide

November 2014


Ear disease and associated hearing loss are significant health problems for Indigenous children, and also contribute to poor educational achievement, higher unemployment, and, as a consequence, greater contact with the criminal justice system later in life. Thus, preventing ear disease in Indigenous children is a high priority.

This resource sheet reviews past and current programs, research and strategies for the prevention and treatment of ear disease in Indigenous children. It examines what works, what doesn't, and what further research is needed. Risk factors, incidence, and prevalence are also noted.

This report was produced for the Closing the Gap Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse was a Council of Australian Governments’ initiative jointly funded by all Australian Governments. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Family Studies was funded from 2009 to 2014 to deliver the Clearinghouse.

Ear disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (PDF 241 KB)