Longitudinal studies

What is longitudinal research?

Longitudinal research follows the same group of people over time and as such provides powerful information making it possible to identify and better understand the pathways people take through life. The rich information collected through longitudinal studies is a prime source of evidence for informing long-term policymaking.

Longitudinal research at AIFS

AIFS has built significant expertise in longitudinal research by conducting, leading and collaborating with several large-scale longitudinal research studies. AIFS researchers involved in longitudinal research are particularly skilled in:

  • survey design
  • data management and linkage
  • analysis of longitudinal data.

In conducting such research, AIFS has examined change in children and adults over time on a range of topic areas including:

  • learning and education
  • physical and mental health
  • social and economic participation
  • life transitions
  • influence of family, school and community.

Current projects