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Research Summary— Oct 2020

Outlining the results of our Gambling in Australia during COVID-19 study, we look at the effect of restrictions on gambling behaviour and wellbeing.

Commissioned report— Sep 2020

This qualitative study investigated the relationship between gambling and violence by men against their female intimate partners.

Commissioned report— Nov 2019

This study enhances understanding of online wagering involvement in Australia and includes recommendations on the implementation of the Framework.


AGRC survey reveals young men betting more in lockdown

October 2020: The Australian Gambling Research Centre’s survey on gambling during COVID-19 has shown that young male gamblers spent more in lockdown and they were doing it online (with one in three signing up for new online betting accounts). Dr Rebecca Jenkinson, AGRC manager, at the Australian Institute of Family Studies discussed the results and their implications with ABC Radio Melbourne.

The relationship between gambling and domestic violence against women 

September 2020: New research published today by ANROWS shows that while gambling does not directly cause intimate partner violence (IPV), it exacerbates it in serious ways. The study also highlights the prevalence of economic abuse among women experiencing gambling-related intimate partner violence.

The study further found that gambling-related harm (including economic abuse) is enabled by current protocols of gambling operators and financial institutions.

The report includes recommendations for awareness-raising, prevention and improved service delivery.

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