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Recent publications

Man using his smartphone to bet online
Commissioned report— Sep 2018

This study commissioned by the VRGF shows that wagering advertisements and inducements increase betting expenditure.

Commissioned report— Aug 2018

This study shows findings that suggest online and app-based sports betting has become normalised among young men who are regular viewers of sport.

Research Summary— Dec 2017

This Research Summary details findings on sports betting activity in Australia.

AGRC in the news

Senate enquiry recommends review of in-game gambling features - 27 Nov 2019

A senate committee has identified the potential for gambling-related harms from ‘loot boxes’, chance-based features that appear in some video games. The committee recommended a government review to identify regulatory and policy gaps and potential consumer protection measures.  A submission to the inquiry  by AGRC concluded that loot boxes are a form of gambling and did present a public health risk, and therefore should either be banned or tightly controlled.

Gambling activity report prompts call for action - 27 Nov 2019

The AGRC’s Gambling Activity in Australia report was cited in the Australian Senate today by South Australian Senator Stirling Griff (Centre Alliance). Senator Griff quoted statistics from the report in calling for comprehensive legislation and safeguards to protect Australian consumers.

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