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Globally, gambling has expanded rapidly with new technologies and consumers, and related harms are an increasing concern. The National Gambling Trends Study (NGTS) aims to identify emerging trends and monitor changes over time in gambling participation and related harm (within and across Australian jurisdictions). 

Findings from the study will help to inform the development and implementation of evidence-based policy and practice responses to prevent and reduce gambling-related harm. 

About the study

The study is monitoring the impacts of gambling on health and wellbeing, and current trends including:

  • the types of products people gamble on
  • how often people gamble
  • how much people spend.

The aim is to conduct the National Gambling Trends Study annually and involves:

  1. surveys of people aged 18+ who gamble regularly
    • at venues on poker machines (‘pokies’)
    • online on sports or racing
  2. semi-structured interviews with professionals working in gambling research, regulation, policy, and treatment; and 
  3. analysis of secondary data (such as gambling helpline and expenditure data).  

In 2021 we conducted a pilot study, followed by a nationwide survey in 2022. 

In 2023, we again conducted a nationwide Gambling Trends Study. The findings from the 2023 study will be released by 2024.

More information

If you would like more information about this study, please contact the NGTS Project Team, at [email protected].