Expert Panel project

Expert Panel project

Families have a right to expect that when help is available to them, and they make the decision to access that help, it is the best quality support possible.

The Expert Panel project responds to requests from Families and Children Activity service providers for support to plan and implement programs, evaluate outcomes, and share the results with others, in order to improve outcomes for families and children.

Information for Communities for Children service providers

New grant agreements for CfC FPs require that from 1 July 2017, at least 50% of funding for direct service delivery should be used to provide high quality, evidence-based programs. Key information about the requirement is provided on this page. Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions.

Communities  for Children Facilitating Partners update  - 10 May 2017

We recently published a guide for CfC providers on how to develop an evaluation plan, complete with an evaluation plan and timeline template.

In other news, plans are underway for a Communities for Children National Forum to be held later in the year. Read more here.

How to meet the 50% requirement

There are two ways to meet the 50% requirement, details are provided below.

Evidence-based program guidebook

The evidence-based program guidebook lists programs that have a sufficient evidence base to be considered approved for delivery as part of the 50% requirement.

Access the evidence-based program guidebook and supporting resources

Consideration of alternative programs

CfC FPs can also submit alternative programs for consideration to be included in the 50% requirement. These programs must meet the criteria for either a promising or emerging program.

The emerging program category acknowledges that some programs may not have the capacity or resources to conduct rigorous evaluations. These programs can be counted towards the 50% because they are based on strong program logics. These programs must meet the criteria for promising programs by 30 June 2018.

Promising programs represent the minimum standard for a quality program, for the purposes of the requirement.

Accessing help from research, practice and evaluation experts

Experts from a range of service delivery, research, training, academic and service support backgrounds are available to help service providers working with families and children via the Industry List.

Access more information about the Industry List