Data Linkage and Integrating Authority

Our experts provide data linkage services across sectors such as social services, health, and education, and contribute to the development of best practices and standards for data sharing and use in Australia.

On this page:

About the DLIA

Learn about our experience and expertise as one of the Australian Government’s 4 Accredited Integrating Authority and Accredited Data Service Providers (ADSP).

Our services

Learn about the data linkage services we provide including linkage, integration, access, governance and assurance.

Who we work with

Learn about our key stakeholders for data linkage and integration projects.

Accessing our services

Learn about how you can apply to access our data linkage services and read about our costing model.


Learn about our ethics process for data linkage and integration services including how we conduct our risk assessments and privacy impact assessments.

Data linkage projects

Read about the projects we've contributed our data-linking services to.