Ten to Men: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health: Waves 1–3

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Journal article

March 2022


Neha Swami, Jennifer Prattley, Dinusha Bandara, Leanne Howell, Michelle Silbert, Jennifer Renda, Bosco Rowland, Brendan Quinn

This article provides a new overview of Ten to Men, the first large-scale, nationally representative, longitudinal study to focus exclusively on investigating the health of men and boys in Australia. It commenced in 2013 with around 16,000 males, and, to date, three waves of data collection have been completed.

Journal name
Australian Economic Review
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Swami, N., Prattley, J., Bandara, D., Howell, L., Silbert, M., Rowland, B., et al. (2022). Ten to Men, the Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health - Waves 1-3. Australian Economic Review, 55(1), 155-165.