Diary of social legislation and policy 1994


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Research report

December 1994

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This publication summarises the legislative and administrative changes made by the commonwealth government in social security and human services, employment, education, family law, immigration, housing and health. Highlights of significant events and government action include: the White Paper on employment and growth, Working Nation; the introduction of the Home Child Care Allowance and the Child Care Cash Rebate; the release of a National Youth Housing Strategy; the House of Representatives Inquiry into Aspects of Youth Homelessness; and funding for a National Prevention Strategy for Child Abuse and Neglect. Chapters in this volume are: Health and Human Services by Lynn Sitsky and Social Security by Diana Encel of the Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales; Housing by Glenn Foard and Marise Sacco from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; Immigration by the Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research; Family Law by Margaret Harrison of the Family Court of Australia; Education by Peter Mathews of the Australian Council for Educational Research; and Employment and Training by John Spierings, Centre for Labour Studies, University of Adelaide.   

Diary of social legislation and policy series


Diary of social legislation and policy series