Tennant Creek: Living there: Views from families and service providers

The Australian Living Standards Study


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Research report

June 1995

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This report on Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory presents findings from the Australian Living Standards Study. The report is in three sections. Section A, Tennant Creek: an overview, presents a general profile of Tennant Creek, a picture of the employment situation, and describes education and training in Tennant Creek. Section B presents Perspectives on Tennant Creek from families. It describes the methodology of the household study, and findings in relation to employment, education and training; health services and issues; child care issues and services; education issues and services; housing and housing issues; transport issues and services; neighbourhood and local services; recreation and leisure issues; and, the 'wellbeing' of family members in Tennant Creek. Section C presents perspectives on Tennant Creek from service providers. It covers provider views on social change, social problems, issues and solutions; providers' own clients and programs in Tennant Creek; issues of access and isolation; provider assessments of services in Tennant Creek; making services work in Tennant Creek; who the providers are.