NameBringing Up Great Kids
Target AudienceParents  
At-risk or vulnerable
CfC ObjectiveHealthy Young Families  
Supporting Families and Parents  
Create Strong Child-Friendly Communities
OrganisationAustralian Childhood Foundation
Delivery Setting Community-based
DescriptionThe program uses mindfulness and reflection to assist parents in examining and improving their communication and exchanges with their children so that they may foster more respectful and positive interactions, which support children’s development and positive identity. Works to address the sources of parents’ negative or unhelpful attitudes.
Delivered toVulnerable or at-risk parents of children aged 0-12.
Delivered byParenting support workers, therapists/counsellors, community workers and other professionals working with vulnerable families.
Program StructureThe 12 hour program is designed to be delivered in 6 x 2 hour sessions but could be adapted into 4 x 3 hour, 3 x 4 hour or 2 x 6 hour sessions as required.

To deliver the program, professionals are required to attend a one-day facilitator workshop. The workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive training manual, and the information and resources needed to establish and run Bringing Up Great Kids.


Workshops are held regularly throughout Australia with further information about dates and times available on the Australian Childhood Foundation website:


The Australian Childhood Foundation also offers tailored training and support for organisations. Contact ACF for more information.

CostOne day facilitator training is $352 per person. For pricing information about tailored training sessions for organisations, contact the Australian Childhood Foundation.
ContactEmail: [email protected]  
Phone: 1300 381 581  
Evaluation and effectiveness

A mixed method evaluation was conducted across 16 Australian sites and included 94 parent participants. Participants reported having a greater awareness of how their upbringing impacted on their responses and behaviours towards their children and of being more mindful, calm and better listening in their interactions. Parents reported positive changes in their lives such as less conflict and greater calmness in their homes and more positive interactions with their children.


Hunter, C., Meredith, V. (2014). The utility of a reflective parenting program for parents with complex needs: An evaluation of Bringing Up Great Kids. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.