Drop-in Q&A sessions with the Evidence and Evaluation Support team

We run regular online drop-in sessions that Families and Children Activity funded services can use to ask us quick questions about program planning, implementation and evaluation. For example, questions about how to write a client survey, what tools are available to measure a particular outcome or how to analyse large amounts of qualitative data.

When are the sessions?

The AIFS drop-in Q&A sessions have now resumed, but in a slightly different format. This year, each session will be dedicated to a specific program area. Here is what we have coming up: 

  • Wednesday, 27 March at 2 pm: Group programs for adults e.g. parenting programs, post-separation, psychosocial education etc. 
  • Wednesday, 24 April at 2 pm: Services designed for young children e.g. playgroups, therapeutic interventions, school readiness, toy libraries, school-transition etc.
  • Wednesday, 29 May at 2 pm: One-on-one support services e.g. counselling, case management, home-visiting etc.

How does it work?

A maximum of 10 participants will be allowed to join each session, operating on a first in, first served basis. Each person will have five minutes to discuss their question with our team. Please note that we cannot answer technical DEX questions in these sessions. DEX support is available via the Department of Social Services’ DEX helpdesk.

To join a session, email [email protected] with your preferred date and the question you want answered. We will then send you a Microsoft Teams invite that you can use to join the session. If your preferred session is full, we can arrange another time to talk to you individually.

Need longer than 5 minutes? Email us to hear more about our one-on-one support service.