CFCA in 2018: A year in review


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December 2018

It's been an exciting year for the CFCA information exchange.

In 2018, we welcomed three new team members, published our 50th CFCA paper, and have seen significant increases in the number of people subscribing to our newsletter, reading our publications and participating in our webinars.

We produced 9 new papers and practitioner resources across a range of key topics, including developmental differences associated with child maltreatment, therapeutic residential care and diagnosis in child mental health. We also published a number of new resource sheets and updated our existing ones, and we hosted 10 webinars with over 12,750 participants.

Our highlights for the year are below.

Thank you for engaging with us this year. We always love hearing from you and how we can support your work in the child, family and community welfare sector.


Published in 2018

Papers and practitioner resources

New resource sheets

Webinars held

Top 5 in 2018

Most-read CFCA papers

  1. The long-term effects of child sexual abuse
  2. Trauma-informed care in child/family welfare services
  3. Children who bully at school
  4. Children's exposure to domestic and family violence: Key issues and responses
  5. Strengths of Australian Aboriginal cultural practices in family life and child rearing

Most-read CFCA resource sheets

  1. Age of consent laws
  2. Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect
  3. Effects of child abuse and neglect for adult survivors
  4. Australian child protection legislation
  5. Effects of child abuse and neglect for children and adolescents

Most-read CFCA short articles

  1. How does the home environment influence children’s learning?
  2. Children and young people’s exposure to pornography
  3. Sharing the care of children after separation: Thinking beyond “custody and access” or “residence and contact”
  4. Young Minds Matter: Prevalence of mental disorders in Australian children and adolescents
  5. How to choose an outcomes measurement tool

Best-attended CFCA webinars

  1. Developmental differences in children who have experienced adversity: Emerging evidence and implications for practice
  2. Responding to disclosures of child abuse and neglect
  3. Parenting in contexts of family violence and inter-parental conflict: Implications for practice
  4. Diagnosing children with mental health difficulties: Benefits, risks and complexities
  5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination in child protection