Customer journey mapping and what it can tell us about our service systems

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17 April 2024, 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm (AEST)


Monique Rappell, Kat Goldsworthy



About this webinar

Evaluation can provide insights into how clients experience and use services, but it’s not the only way to access knowledge that can transform service systems. Customer journey mapping is one alternative method that is focused on collecting information about customers/clients to build a detailed picture of client needs, interactions and experiences from service entry to exit. This approach, which prioritises qualitative data, can produce powerful insights into where service improvements are needed and how to produce better experiences for staff, management and clients.

Kat Goldsworthy from the Evidence and Evaluation Support team at AIFS will sit down with strategic designer Monique Rappell to discuss customer journey mapping, a technique that evaluators and program managers can use to get a holistic understanding of their clients’ experience and enhance their service design.  

This webinar will give a brief introduction to the approach and explore when and where to use it, the steps involved in the process and what you can do with the findings.  

This webinar will give you:  

  • an understanding of what customer journey mapping is and what it involves  
  • an understanding of what insights and knowledge you can gain from customer journey mapping
  • insight into the role of customer journey mapping in understanding and enhancing complex service systems.  

This webinar will interest program managers and evaluators working in child and family services.

Please note: This pre-recorded interview runs for 30-minutes. There will be no live facilitation or audience questions.

We encourage you to test your system before the webinar, and read our Frequently Asked Questions. A recording of this presentation will be made available shortly after the broadcast.


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Monique Rappell is a Strategic Designer who helps purpose led organisations amplify their impact.  She combines human-centred, trauma-informed service design with systems thinking, organisational development and change management to establish, and improve, complex services.  She has over 10 years’ experience in senior leadership roles, establishing customer experience and service design capabilities within leading organisations such as Relationships Australia NSW, ABC, TAFE NSW, and NRMA and more recently has established ‘Yes, and …’ Design. Her passion is hardwiring empathy into service practices, processes and systems to improve customer and employee experience.


Kathryn Goldsworthy | Senior Research Officer, Evidence and Evaluation Support

Kat Goldsworthy works in the AIFS Evidence and Evaluation Support team which specialises in strengthening evaluation capability across child and family support services. Kat is knowledgeable and skilled in designing and preparing program evaluations, developing program theory and logic models, collecting and analysing qualitative data, communicating evaluation results, research synthesis, knowledge translation and group facilitation and training. She has worked in government and not-for-profit organisations for 15 years in roles related to employment, health and community services.

Kat is passionate about creating and sharing knowledge about programs and practices that can positively benefit Australian families.