Australian Defence Force 1991 Families Census: Initial Report


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Research report

June 1991


Gregg Snider


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Executive summary

Prior to the Australian Defence Force 1991 Families Census, very little was known about the composition of the Defence Force corporate family. At the same time, it had become increasingly obvious that much needed to be known. Cost-effective decisions about the provision of housing, recreational facilities, child care facilities and the like require such knowledge.

The successful conduct of the census on 12 March 1991 was the result of close cooperation between the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

A total of 58,627 valid census forms, or 85% of those issued, were returned.

This report, together with the Statistical Summary, provides an initial overview of the data but does not attempt any comparative analysis against community norms and standards. This will be addressed in the Final Report due at the end of September 1991.