NameTriple P Positive Parenting Program
Target AudienceParents
At-risk or vulnerable
CfC ObjectiveSupporting Families and Parents
OrganisationTriple P, University of Queensland
Delivery SettingCommunity-based
DescriptionAn education program designed for a wide variety of parents and carers of children with different needs and diverse socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Delivered toParents and carers of children aged 0-6. Specialist programs for parents and carers of pre-schoolers with a disability or emotional disorder, parents and carers of children at risk of child maltreatment, and indigenous parents and carers.
Delivered byTrained facilitators.
Program StructureThere are five levels of the program with varying structures. Consult the Triple P website for more details
TrainingTraining course required. Triple P Provider training courses vary in length depending on the level. Consult the Triple P website for details
CostCost varies according to level of program training undertaken. Consult Triple P for further details.
ContactPhone: (07) 3236 1212
Email: [email protected]
Evaluation and effectiveness

Multiple RCTs have been conducted. The program is associated with significant improvements in children's externalising and internalising behaviours; lower incidence of negative behaviour in children with developmental disabilities; significant improvements in the mental health of parents; and improvements in parental competence and skills.

The program was also found to be beneficial as a primary prevention/early intervention program for pre-school children, indigenous children, and children at risk of maltreatment.