Find out how to apply for access to Ten to Men data for research purposes.

Eligibility for data access

You can apply to access Ten to Men data if you are:

  • a researcher or post-graduate student, and
  • affiliated with a university, recognised research institute, government department or agency, peak body, or not-for-profit organisation.

Data are available to research projects that:

  • serve the public good
  • are scientifically and ethically sound
  • contribute to the knowledge base on male health.

Conditions of use

Approved Ten to Men data users must abide by our data access policy and terms and conditions. This is to ensure the privacy of study participants and the protection of data.

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How to apply

To apply to access Ten to Men data fill out the Data Access Request Form and send it to [email protected].

If you are already an approved data user and you need to update your project’s details fill out the Data Access Amendment Form.

Application review

Once we receive your request the Data Access Team will conduct a technical and administrative review for completeness, eligibility and general feasibility, and progress your request to the Data Access Review Committee.

The committee will review the request against the data access criteria:

  • serves the public good/relates to Ten to Men objectives
  • data are fit for purpose
  • strength/feasibility of the hypothesis/research questions
  • research plan is achievable
  • appropriateness of proposed methodology
  • appropriateness of principles and practices to handle research datasets while maintaining the anonymity of information.

Data users forum

If your request is approved you will are eligible to join the data users forum.