Learn about the type of data we collect and how we protect it.

Information we collect

The Ten to Men study collects important health information through surveys and health service records. We follow the same participants over time to see how their health changes. Policy makers and researchers use this information to develop services and programs to help improve the health of Australian boys and men.  

We collect data about participants’:

  • physical and emotional health
  • health service usage
  • behaviours, risk, protective factors
  • personal and family situation
  • life stages and life events
  • social and environmental factors.

How your data is collected and stored

To ensure your online survey information is kept secure, we use strong encryption technology. This means that the information you provide is only accessed by the study team members who are authorised to do so. 

All providers involved in collecting the survey information adhere to the: 

To protect your stored data, multilevel password protection is used on all electronic storage systems. To ensure security and confidentiality, all survey information will be stored, analysed and reported on with your identifying details removed. 

Access to data is managed by Ten to Men’s Data Access Committee. International researchers from various fields of study also use the data. By comparing Ten to Men data with data from similar longitudinal studies conducted in other countries, researchers can examine similarities and differences in male health between countries.

Your contact information will be securely stored for 7 years at the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) following the completion of the study. After this period, records will be destroyed in a manner appropriate to the security classification of the record content. If the organisation responsible for future data collection phases of the study changes, AIFS will be required to disclose your information to that organisation. As Ten to Men has been determined as a nationally significant study, the de-identified research datasets will be stored at the National Archives at the completion of the study.

How your data is used

The information you provide is de-identified and combined with data from other study participants. Approved data users such as researchers and policy makers from academia and government can use the data to improve services and programs that benefit Australian men and boys.

International researchers can also apply to become approved data users. By comparing Ten to Men data with data from similar longitudinal studies conducted in other countries, similarities and differences in male health between countries can be explored.

All data is de-identified when released, and only combined results (aggregate) are published. We have stringent data sharing and review procedures in place to ensure data is only accessible via the Australian Data Archive (ADA) at the Australian National University (ANU). The ADA is a secure data-storage facility. 

We require all approved users of Ten to Men study data sign a deed of confidentiality that prohibits them from trying to identify any participants or sharing any potentially identifiable information.