Learn about the Ten to Men data users forum.

About the data users forum

The Ten to Men data users forum is a private Microsoft Teams channel that facilitates collaboration between current and former data users. The forum encourages sharing and comparing of analytical methods, and allows for users to discuss issues and provide tips and hints.

Register for the forum

If you are a current or former approved data user you can register for the forum by emailing us at [email protected]. We will then add you to the forum.

You can request to be removed from the forum at any stage. This will not affect your access to the datasets.

If you are an unapproved user, you can register for the forum using the Data Access Request form, but you will not be added until your data access is approved.

Forum policy

All users must abide by the forum policy which covers:

  • forum access procedures
  • user behaviour and conduct expectations
  • file transfer rules
  • disclosure of personal information.

Read the forum policy.