Ten to Men research areas

Learn about the research areas the Ten to Men team are focusing on to improve male health outcomes.

Research areas

The 6 key research areas for the Ten to Men study are:

  1. wellbeing and mental health
  2. use of health services
  3. health-related behaviours
  4. health status
  5. health knowledge
  6. social determinants.

National Men's Health Strategy 2020–2030

The National Men’s Health Strategy 2020-2030 helps inform the Ten to Men research areas to:

  • examine male health and the key determinants that affect the length and quality of life of Australian males including:
    • social
    • economic
    • environmental
    • behavioural factors
  • address key research questions about the physical and mental health of Australian males including:
    • health behaviours and risk factors
    • key life transition points
    • social and economic environments 
    • use of health and other services
    • identify policy opportunities for improving the health and wellbeing of males and providing support for males at key life stages – particularly those at risk of poor health.

Learn more about the study’s design and sample.