Meet the Ten to Men research team.

About the study team

We manage the Ten to Men study on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care. Our research team is structured around 3 areas of expertise: 

  1. survey methodology
  2. data management and linkage
  3. research and analysis.

The team is guided by the National Men's Health Strategy 2020-2030 and is supported by the Ten to Men Scientific Advisory Group and the Community Reference Group.

Program lead

Dr Sean Martin is the Program lead for the Ten to Men. He oversees the management of the: 

  • content
  • methodology
  • fieldwork activities
  • data management and releases
  • analyses
  • publications.

He also engages closely with the study's external stakeholders including government agencies, expert and community advisory groups, research communities and institutes, and suppliers. 

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Survey methodology team

Our survey methodology team is responsible for: 

  • content development
  • development of survey research methodology
  • participant engagement
  • fieldwork management
  • ethics approvals. 

The survey methodology team includes:

Data management and linkage team

Our data management and linkage team ensures our data quality and integrity by: 

  • implementing and adhering to end-to-end data collection processes
  • supporting the methodology team with variable names and naming protocol
  • importing and building base SAS data sets for validation
  • working with the Australian Data Archive for release of data.

The team also sets processes for: 

  • calculation of common units
  • derived variables
  • geographical linked data
  • free text analysis
  • back coding
  • continentalisation for restricted and general release
  • Medicare linked data
  • importation of weights from contractor. 

The data management and linkage team includes:

Research and analysis team

Our research and analysis team conducts analyses of Ten to Men data and prepares various reports, publications and conference presentations. 

The research and analysis team includes: