About Ten to Men

Ten to Men is a major national research project whose findings will assist the development of health programs and policies that are targeted to the special health needs of boys and men.

About the study

Learn about the aims of the study, why it is important and how we designed the logo.

Research areas

Learn more about the research areas the Ten to Men team are focusing on to improve male health outcomes.

Study timeline

The Ten to Men study has been running for more than 10 years. Ten to Men is a longitudinal study, so we aim to survey the same group of males every few years. See the how the study developed.

Sample and methods

Learn about how the study team conducts research for Ten to Men, and how participants were chosen for inclusion.

Scientific Advisory Group

Learn about the Scientific Advisory Group with representatives from the research community with expertise in different areas of male health and wellbeing.


The Ten to Men study abides by Australia's rigorous ethical standards. Learn about our ethics approval process.

Research team

Meet the research team behind the study.

Community Reference Group

Learn about the Community Reference Group where members have the opportunity to provide data user and community perspectives on Ten to Men.

Our charities

We are proud to partner with some of Australia's most prominent men's health charities. Learn more about our charity partnerships.